Jeff Alford: "The Perpetual Calendar" (Art Edition)

Jeff Alford: "The Perpetual Calendar" (Art Edition)


"The Perpetual Calendar" is a short, 15 minute song-cycle arranged for acoustic piano and upright bass inspired by Glenn Gould's recordings of "The Goldberg Variations" and the novel "The Goldbug Variations" by Richard Powers. Taking cues from Black Sparrow Press, this cloth-backed gatefold CD was hand-made in an edition of 26 lettered copies, each featuring an original unique found-photo collage on the cover by Emily Alford (née Young).

Derek Piech plays bass, and Chris Kiehne sings on Part III ('The Thaw').

Ten copies are available and the buyer can select their version. Editions will be removed as they are sold out. 5 1/4 x 5 1/4 inches.

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