Basil Wolverton: INTENSE! #1 and #2

Basil Wolverton: INTENSE! #1 and #2


In 1993, Pure Imagination published a three-issue series of classic Basil Wolverton strips from the 50s. Classic goofball Wolvertoons for the comic-book psychopaths out there. Both issues in very good condition, although Wig Shop is not a professional grader.

Intense! #1 includes:
"Powerhouse Pepper in 'Ski So Frantic"
"Mystic Moot and His Magic Snoot 'Flightmare"
"The Queer Case of the Cracker Crumbs!"
"Powerhouse Pepper in 'A Skyscraper Caper"
"Powerhouse Pepper in 'Encounter at the Counter"
"Scoop Scuttle"
"Spacehawks and the Disks of Death"
"The Culture Corner 'How to Kick a Person in the Teeth"
"The Culture Corner 'How to Get Out of Bed Gracefully"
"Bedtime Banter"

Intense! #2 includes:
"Powerhouse Pepper in 'Uranium in his Cranium"
"Supersonic Sammy in 'Ants in the PlANeTs"
the first appearance of "Powerhouse Pepper" from Joker #1
"Bingbang Buster and His Horse Hedy"
"Funny Boners"
”Mystic Moot and His Magic Snoot 'A Whale of a Tale"
"Powerhouse Pepper in ‘Fightin' for a Fortune’"

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